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Network Technologies specializes in the design and installation of state-of-the-art business class telephone systems featurning true Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) making our products truly "cloud ready". We offer full business grade telephone systems; not a hosted system . Our telephone systems are proven in the industry with over 10 years of service and relibility. Whether your business has five telephones or five hundred; has one office location or one hundred; our robust telephone systems will easily handle your needs and changes as your business grows. Please browse our telephone products here or by using the link at the left side of this page.

Our telephone systems are versatile and offer you a wide variety of features and options. We can use your existing telephone connection service, or upgrade to use business grade dial-tone services called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP gives you the same quality and services as the big telephone companies at a substantially lower rate; saving your business money over the life of your new telephone system investment. Please call us (530) 644-8602 for more information on how SIP can save you money with your telephone system